Fantasy Prison
Owner Blu
Status offline
IP Hytale Not Release Yet
Players 0/0
Version 1.12.2
Rank 17
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Uptime 100%
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Country Denmark

This Hytale server is going to be Fantasy themed but also have some prsion aspects so it's a mix between a Fantasy world and a prison. The main goal is to escape the fearsome prison that you (the player) have been captured in, but it is not going to be trouble-free there will be gaurds wachting every move you take, but you can also be smart and stealthy. when the gaurds are fx looking a diffrent diriction you could sneak away from the prsion. Of couse you are allowed too traverse trough the repellent halls of the prison but most people will not be able to keep their minds straight because you can not stay in the stinky prison or can you. If you wan't to get of out of the prison you're going to have dirty hands to get the tools to fight back against the gaurds. There will be cells that allows you to storage your stuff, there will be "special" cells that are bigger that you can optain trought certain ways. In the heart of the map is going to be a huge tree with cells hanging from the bracnhes those are the "special" cells for the reason that they are larger and is easier to get into so when you and perhaps other people from the prison is doing illegal actions you have a better chance to get away. That is what we have in mind right now but be sure to follow up in the features updates for the server.