Monetise your Hytale Server using PlayerLands
Hytale Playerlands
Monetise your Hytale Server using PlayerLands

PlayerLands - Hytale Server Monetisation

For online gaming setting up a store to take donations or sell stuff to players is a tough task for game developers and studios. Also, for payments, you shouldn’t trust everyone in a row, because a large amount can accumulate on the virtual balance. This is why PlayerLands are here. The following requirements are imposed on payment systems for well-known games such as Minecraft, Hytale, Rust & CS:GO:

  • Transaction speed. The faster payments are made, the better for the client;
  • Simplicity and ease of use: clear interface, minimum registration forms, minimum clicks, unambiguous actions;
  • Security – maximum protection against any possible forms of encroachment on the player’s money;
  • Confidentiality. Most gamblers do not seek to advertise their hobbies; therefore, confidentiality is a very important advantage for the payment system.

Based on these criteria, the gaming community has chosen PlayerLands, which is currently the best for making money on game servers and transactions.

Whether you’re collecting donations to pay for hosting or you want to turn your game server into a profit-making business, PlayerLands can make your life easier with its cutting-edge technology and real-time 24/7 customer support. PlayerLands is connected to the world’s leading payment gateways and you can do transactions and start making money immediately on your game server without any hassle after signup.

How to Make Money on Your Game Server

You are in the gaming industry, so you already roughly know how to make money on the game server, but you have no idea how much you can earn. I will try to tell you about making money on your game server using PlayerLands’ services.

Make Money Through In-Game Purchases

Free-to-play is the most sought-after business model in gaming. At the moment, it accounts for 90% of the market revenue. F2P gives players access to all game levels, but the gameplay includes in-game purchases that make it easier to play through the game.

The most popular use case: using a temporary paywall, an artificial “stall” of the process is created (for example, you need to wait 5 minutes for a crop to ripen on your farm). It can be withdrawn by paying a certain amount.

Other options for “cheats” for passing:

  • Sale of “cosmetics” – equipment for the main character that does not affect the characteristics, decorations for improving territories, the ability to add unique accessories and assets.
  • Selling in-game currency for the subsequent “pumping” of the hero or territory. Such currency can be earned by our own efforts, but this requires repetitive actions that we do not really want to perform.
  • Selling enhancements – for example, an elixir that increases damage, an extra life, or a hint in a logic game. This method is successful in single-player modes, but in multiplayer games can be frustrating, as it leads to a direct imbalance between the players.

The big advantage of the Free-to-Play model is that such payments are optional. This keeps players loyal and helps popularize your server. Such monetization can be flexibly configured, the conditions of passage can be changed depending on the players’ Retention Rate and LTV indicators – the share of users who returned to the application for a certain period, and the profit from the player from the moment of installation to the removal of the game.

By the way, this model is called shareware precisely because players often leave much more money in it than in a similar paid game without built-in microtransactions.

The success of a F2P game depends on a balance between free and paid functionality, as well as a competent job of retaining gamers. If the difficulty of the game is too high or the barriers are too tight, players lose interest. After all, the development and continuity of history and play is an important element of the gaming experience. Selling important game elements should be a tempting alternative, not a commitment.

Using PlayerLands, you can offer unlimited products, offer discounts and run promotions to maximize your in-game purchases.


The essence of the model: the user pays a certain amount once a month/year and gets access to all game content for this period. Playerlands allow you to start up your own store for a total price of 0$! The model is popular for services that integrate into the daily life of users – music services, access to software, educational or entertainment content. In the gaming industry, the subscription model is suitable for loyal gamers and games that are able to retain users for a long time.

The ability to offer a trial period helps to demonstrate the possibilities of the game. The advantage of this approach is that the profits are balanced and the players’ regular transactions are easier to predict. The disadvantage is the need to periodically update the content, maintaining its quality and uniqueness, and the risk that similar cheaper projects will appear on the market.

PlayerLands offer easy to use tools to promote your subscription offers and start collecting payments through its vast payment gateway network including PayPal, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

Games with Voluntary Donations

Among the developers there were and always will be those who make games primarily for their own pleasure. In these games, you will not see micropayments or embedded ads. You can voluntarily donate some amount to the developers if you see fit, but no one will limit your options in the game if you don’t.

This model is less profitable than all of the above and is used primarily by enthusiasts willing to develop and maintain the game, assuming that both processes will not pay off. This can also include crowdfunding – with the proviso that in this case, voluntary donations from players pay off in the form of creating new content with the funds raised.

Perhaps, over time, something newer will appear that will allow you to better combine business with pleasure: to make games profitable for developers and deserve high ratings and donations for users.


It is very important for developers and studios to monetize their games in order not only to recoup them but also to raise money for the next servers. Unfortunately, development is very expensive now, and people are not willing to pay more than $60 for games. And to stay afloat, studios have to look for additional ways to make money from the game.

PlayerLands provide a unique opportunity to game developers to start making money on their game servers with powerful custom themes, customer management and detailed reporting, also its super easy to move to PlayerLands. Currently, it’s the most secure platform for game shops to monetize the Minecraft or other PC game servers such as Hytale. You can visit their website for more information.