What are the best Hytale Servers?
What are the best Hytale servers? | Hytale News
What are the best Hytale Servers?

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How do Hytale Servers work?

Today, we will be discussing the Hytale servers and their technology. This article will discuss in detail the working of hytale servers and how users will connect with them. We will use some technical words, but we believe you will appreciate our efforts in making the hytale servers speedy, safe, and easy to use.

Hytale Servers Overview

Performance and languages

Hytale was announced in December 2018, but still, many gamers are confused about the technology of hytale’s server and engine. The good news is many individuals are keen to operating their hytale servers. Hytale’s client language is in C+ while the server runs on java.

There are several reasons for choosing java language for hytale servers. The very first reason is the ease of our backend term to write high-performance java, which has helped us enhance the server code. Moreover, we are aware of the fact that our community has expertise in java. We want to make the usage and running of hytale servers easy for the server operators. We have additionally used C+ for clients to provide more advantages, and so far, we have observed good results.

Shared source Hytale servers

Hytale servers come with shared source. It means all the individuals can read the server code. However, the game client will close to give a common guideline for players and server operators. In this way, we can provide a trustworthy and secure experience to players along with protection against cheating. Furthermore, we can also provide a shared working foundation for content creators and modders.

Hytale servers are designed in a manner that server operators can create and modify all aspects of the game. It means a shared source system allows the running of a customized edition of the game. So, when a server is connected, all the required content will be automatically downloaded to play-sounds, animations, models, and all other things.

Server browser

Players can quickly locate community servers with the help of a server browser. It also allows the players to filter out the games that they like to play like minigames or adventure mode, competitive or co-op. Furthermore, they can also sort out games by languages supported. Players can mark some servers as favorite which they find the best hytale servers. The server browser will be monitored actively, and every server operator must obey the terms of service. Players don’t need to appear on the browser if they want to connect to a server. Though, we believe appearance on server browser can help players locate servers.

Hytale Servers - Play with friends

Play with friends

Hytale servers are designed in such a manner that players can play with their friends and can easily join their servers. Furthermore, hytale servers also allow players to join the adventure mode worlds of their friends. We use Universal Plug and Play protocols to automatically handle the port forwarding. If UPnP does not work, then we try NAT punch through.

Different types of Hytale Servers:

A great platform

”We closely work with the community to fulfill their needs.” – Hypixel Studios

Since the past 6 years, Hypixel are working hard to provide the best Hytale game servers to players. We aim to provide the best hytale servers to players so that they do not face any difficulty during their gameplay.