What are Hytale Servers?
We provide a server list for the game Hytale, you can explore the Best Hytale Servers all time, which have various minigames to play with your friends together! These servers are the most popular servers on Hytale and is ranked according to the amount of votes given by Hytale players. So, support your favourite Hytale servers, and gain their awareness by voting!

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Hytale Anarchy Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 Mythenly Network

Hytale Not Released Yet

0/0 offline
2 Hyperion Online Anarchy

Hytale Not Released Yet

Anarchy - Hyperion Online is a day one Anarchy server.

0/0 offline
3 Hostage Club

Hytale Not Released Yet

Servidor Español de Hytale

0/0 offline
4 2high2tell

Hytale Not Released Yet

2high2tell is a zero moderation anarchy server set to release the very day Hytale multiplayer support drops. The IP will be 2h2t.org

0/0 offline
5 Hy;Chaos

Hytale Not Released Yet

[ANARCHY] [Economy] [Hardcore] [SURVIVAL] They're yours, these uncharted lands...Do with them whatever you please. May only opposing will stand in you way, and the strongest prevail.

0/0 offline
6  4Tale

Hytale Not Released Yet

4Tale is an upcoming server built upon an Anarchy Society where the players can play and shape reality the way they choose.

0/0 offline
7  VimeDex Hytale

Hytale Not Released Yet

0/0 offline

Hytale Not Released Yet

0/0 offline
9 Kingstale Factions

Hytale Not Released Yet

Hytale Server List - Best Hytale Servers!!

0/0 offline
10 MReza

Hytale Not Released Yet

0/0 offline
11 SwordTale - SAO in Hytale

Hytale Not Released Yet

Since Hytale will be coming out in a while, we've been working on making a server in Hytale that's exactly like Sword Art Online

0/0 offline

Hytale Servers Overview

Servers have become the revolutionary in the world of gaming; therefore, if you want an exciting yet thrilling experience when gaming, you definitely need the best choice of servers. But which other place is the best source of these servers than Hytale?

Hytale offers a broad platform that allows for optimum creativity for those who loved to create more challenges in their games as well as a simple plug and play option if you love to keep things simple. In other words, it’s a fascinating platform that has something for everyone.

What is Hytale?

Hytale is a perfect definition of creativity and sandbox adventure when it comes to a RPG game playing - the developers, Hypixel Studios have their own popular multiplayer Minecraft server, Hypixel. And this is whether its mini-game creation, scripting, or construction. All these can be done through the powerful tools provided on these servers. Therefore, get plenty of rewards from the exploration of dangerous and exciting places in the games.

Why opt for Hytale servers?

Apart from the amazing features listed below that Hytale has to offer, they ensure you have a great experience in gaming through preinstalled measures that guarantee a fair game for multiplayer users. For instance, the game servers come with an anti-cheat program that ensures the players have a fair game.

Features of Hytale servers

  • Adventurous gaming options
  • For those who love a bit of challenge during gaming, Hytale stands out as the best option. With adventurous gaming options, you have a chance to full fill your quest in the jungle or any other place you could think of.

    Furthermore, there are other options under the adventure category. They include different Hytale zones - such as, Frost, Earth, Fire, Sand and maybe more in the future. These are called Stone Circles in-game.

  • Free to choose your play style
  • With Hytale, you have the option of choosing your favorite styles. So you can be an explorer, settler, or even craft man - you can specialise in your own area. Therefore, get your team ready and conquer the game you have chosen for optimum rewards.

  • Thrilling and exciting challenges
  • Whether it’s climbing the highest place in the game or walking through hunted places with mysterious creatures, Hytale delivers the best gaming experience ever. And with powerful monsters and scampering critters, expect the game to be not only thrilling but also exciting.

  • Path of adventure
  • What makes a game to be very appealing to players is the ability to instill excitement and motivation to play it. Therefore, take your time and discover the new and unique worlds through Hytale servers. With these servers, you can explore waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, and rushing rivers among others.

  • Spectacular and unique worlds
  • Get to experience magical moments as you explore the various spectacles that Hytale servers have to offer. Some of these features may include fascinating river flow and carve tunnels among others.

  • Popular mini-games
  • For small scale players and those who are interested in various types of Hytale games, this is an excellent option. These types of games have been developed for the past few years to ensure nothing but an exceptional gaming experience - some include the most popular ones from Hypixel; Skyblock, Bed Wars, Skywars & more minigames - you can check out the different types here. Further, they are popular games among the big gamers in this sector.

  • Competitive games
  • Nobody would like a game that is too simple to conquer or complete in a short while. A challenge is often necessary to create an impact on a game and make it exciting. And it is for this reason why Hytale came up with competitive servers. These servers often come with specific measures that are to adhere to by every gamer or user. Some of them include:

  • You have total control over basic mechanics
  • Exceptional tools that are handy in offering freedom to the gamers
  • The servers are designed to be compatible with various types of PCs
  • Anti-cheat system that ensures fairness during gameplay
  • Parental control option
  • To keep your children safe from explicit or violent content, these servers are equipped with the parental control system. Therefore, you are free to adjust the type of content and games they can have access to when there is no adult to monitor them.

  • Create your characters
  • Thanks to Hytale, you have an option of character customization. This allows you to tune your gaming characters according to your preference. Therefore, chose rugged design gears if you are on an adventure gaming experience or modern styling if you need a modern set up in your game.

  • Create your servers or use Hytale servers.
  • There are various types of Hytale official servers for gamers to use. However, if you are a gamer who loves creating their content, consider community servers. Further, every member of Hytale has direct access to the server source code to allow for creativity. You can start your own server here.

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  • Various tools
  • Customization of the servers or the creation of new ones relies on the type of tools you have. And it’s for this reason why Hytale provides various types of tools for its members. This allows for creativity when designing community servers. Some of the tools include:

  • Creations tools
  • These are comprehensive tools that allow gamers to exercise their creativity when it comes to the creation of models, filmmaking, animation, block building, and game scripting among other roles.

  • Cinematic tools
  • Editing tools
  • Animation and modeling tools
  • In-game scripting
  • Servers with shared source code

The ease to run Hytale servers

Scrolling the tabs back and forth as you try to find your favorite community service can be quite annoying. But, thanks to the Hytale server browser, you have a chance to find your favorite community server through a single click - also addition to our Hytale server list.

Also, you have an opportunity to sort as you filter your taste of games you may like to play. Whether it’s competitive, co-op, mini-games, or adventure mode, they are just a click away. But, that’s not all; you also have an option of setting or filtering according to languages that are supported by these servers.

You can also run your very own Hytale server by finding the best Hytale server hosting provider - to create a world with your own creative vision!

Great foundation

Hytale servers offer you an amazing platform where you can build on your skills as you have a great time gaming. With over six years of experienced put on these servers, you will find a solution to every question or challenge you have in mind.

Furthermore, there is a community that comprises of the founders of these servers as well as your fellow gamers. Therefore, it’s about time you choose one of your favorite Hytale servers and be among those who testify about its greatness.


Unlike other gaming servers that come with tougher terms and conditions, Hytale thought of this challenge and came up with a great solution. Through using their services, you stand to gain from lighter terms and conditions. Therefore, whether you are a large or small mini-game network, there are a few moderations to ensure the smooth running of their servers.

How to join Hytale Servers

Joining Hytale is pretty simple. You can make it even simpler by joining it through a direct connection. In this case, you have to open your favorite choice of server from the list of servers and click to open the tab. Thereafter, click direct connect found on the server tab and you are good to go.


Also, you can join by locating your choice of server from the Hytale server browser after you have accepted the mild terms and conditions of the service.

Lastly, you can join Hytale Server through friends’ lists. To do this, you need to click on one of your friends who are online and then chose to join the server. By doing this, you will be given access to your friends' servers.

The best Hytale servers list

With over thousands of servers, getting your favorite choice is quite intricate. But to make the situation easier for you, the following list comprises of the best hytale servers. Each one of them comes with unique features that make it better than the others. So pick your favorite server and enjoy the privileges it comes along with.


Q1. Is it possible to create a Hytale Server?

Yes, this is possible. And Just like Minecraft, you can also create a Hytale server with the option of customizing it to your taste.

Q2. Are there different options through which I can play Hytale?

Yes, there are. To begin with, Hytale is made up of 3-major pillars which include:

Minigames - in this category, you play according to your experience in gaming. You will also test your expertise in coop and PvP.

Adventure mode – In this case, you will take off on an exciting journey through a fantasy world with friends or solo.

Creative tools – these are available for every content creator. They do come in handy when you need to apply customization to your liking.

Q3. What platforms support the running of Hytale Servers?

To cover many consumers at the same time, Hytale can be supported by major platforms such as PC, Mac as well as Linux. Therefore, if you have any of the above platforms, you are a good play on these servers. Further, there is a plan to make these servers compatible with any other form of platform apart from the three mentioned above.

Q4. Is there a difference between Hytale and Hypixel?

Yes, there is. Unlike Hypixel, Hytale was crafted from scratch with the thought of minigames in mind. As a result, this allows for freedom when it comes to the creation of content that consumers will love. Further, it also allows for new features like client optimization, anti-cheat, and much more.

Q5. With the availability of Hytale, will Hypixel cease functioning?

Despite the launch of the new and improved Hytale servers, Hypixel servers will still work alongside it. So, for those who still operate Hypixel, you don’t have to worry about being left out due to Hytale. Furthermore, some creators who moved from Hypixel to Hytale did so a couple of years ago, therefore, you won’t even notice any change in the quality, updates on these servers.

Final Remarks

Are you’re a creative gamer who is looking for a platform to express their skills, then Hytale servers are what you’ve been searching for. As mentioned earlier, these servers are the game-changer. With the modding feature, you have a collection of powerful tools to shape the game to your liking. Therefore, whether you love in-game scripting, filmmaking, or animation and not to forget building blocks, you find something that fits your taste.