Owner hydmg
Status offline
IP hydmg.comHytale Not Release Yet
Website https://hydmg.com/
Players 0/0
Version 1.0
Rank 1
Votes 243
Uptime 100%
Last Check Check Pending
Country United States
Types PvPSurvivalHardcorePvE

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🎆On launch day you can expected to squeeze in before our servers reach maximum population as we migrate over our modded minecraft servers community (Resurgence 500+ downloads) to hydmg/hytale.

📏Rules are simple: ***No Hacking/Exploiting***
(Exploiters will NOT be banned, rather rewarded for turning in information as a part of our bug hunting program) *Our dev team will swiftly patch whatever Hypixel may have missed...*

🏔️Enjoy a massive network of adventurers, friends or foe! All seeking to conquer Orbis must face the same challenges, there's no pay-to-win. Sharpen your skills in combat against other members or choose a life of solidarity far from spawn where your main source of safety and comfort is distance.

⚖️Balanced and supervised is what you can expect from our network with consistent smooth performance, we look to offer three servers for our members to choose from in order to offer an experience fit for all! hydmg.com provides three separate server experiences:
1. Vanilla ✅ 2. Faction ✅ 3. Deathban/modded ✅

💭Imagine a world that never resets and is always maximum capacity making for the perfect atmosphere to record or even stream content! If that's not for you sit back and relax while you try to survive the horrors of Orbis... Look for a group or fly as a solo under the radar!

🕒Stay tuned in our discord while we all wait for Hytale to receive news/a release date!