Olympus Network
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Status offline
IP Hytale Not Release Yet
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Rank 38
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Uptime 100%
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Country United States
Types RoleplayFactionsPvPPvE

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You join one of four kingdoms. Once you start you must work with your kingdom to upgrade your town hall, query, farm, and dungeon to gain resources. Also your blacksmith, armorsmith, and toolsmith to gain an edge in battle. Fight other kingdoms over shrines and mount Olympus itself to gain buffs for your kingdom. Takedown bosses and the fight in the labyrinth to get stronger before your enemies do!. And the best part participate in weekend raids where your kingdom can vote on another kingdom to raid. All complete with a point system for grinding and raiding to award a winning kingdom each season and custom items and mobs. (This is our first game we may have more in the future)