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Hytale servers are massive computers (multiplayer) used by Hytale to connect players and enable them play games together (with your friends). Anyone can host their own servers (you can host your server here), so you and your friends or the public can play. Hosting a server means you are able to allow numerous players to log on to your server. This is standard practice on Hytale. Numerous Hytale servers can be modified with peculiar modes to suit the player environment. These modified servers are loved and played by numerous players all over the world. Originally Hypixel was a server for the game: Minecraft.

Hytale is created by Hypixel Studios, founded in 2018 and it consists of a group of over 40 developers stationed around the globe. This game is the first project from the studio. The aim of the company is to use its experience garners over the years in the independent game modding scene, offering community friendly games which meet the requirements of content creators and players alike. Is this Minecraft 2.0?

For players to enjoy Hytale to the fullest, it is imperative that they get logged on to Hytale servers. There isn’t a lot of hassle and struggle involved to find the very best Hytale servers. The guess work has been done for players, to ensure you have the very best and high quality Hytale servers you can find. The only thing you have to worry about is to view the Hytale servers list available on the site.
Hytale servers list are server lists which are available for Hytale players to connect to. is going to have a long list of servers available to Hytale players.

Hytale Skyblock Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
No Servers